Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day 2011!

Well, today we started out by going to Rib Fest here in Indy.  VERY cool day for it, but still delicious food!

Then we headed to see Columbiana.  Awesome movie!!  We saw Shark Night 3D last night...another great movie.  Thought of the day though...for an R-rated movie...why do people take VERY young children and continue to yell at them throughout the entire movie because they cannot sit still and cannot be quiet?  UGG.  Movies are too expensive to spend 2 hours turning around giving "the look" to disturbers!  oh well... still worth seeing!

What did you do this holiday? Tell me about it!


Working Mommy said...

The Man and I saw that movie on date night last week - and it was AMAZING!!! What did you think of it??


Debs Dealz said...

We absolutely loved it WM! The next one I want to see is The Help!