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{ Coupon Policy }

Note: As of July 2, 1010, Kroger is in the process of writing an official nationwide coupon policy to help with the store-to-store confusion!   When it’s finalized, they’ll be sending me a copy, so I can let you know.   I don’t know if that’s a coupon policy only for the digital coupons or for all coupons, but I really hope they hop on board and make some decisions about all coupons nationwide, so there isn’t so much store-to-store confusion.   Currently, their coupon policies vary by region and/or store.
Currently, Kroger only offers a Print-at-Home Coupon Acceptance Policy online.
Kroger accepts the following types of coupons
  1. Store coupons, including e-coupons, printables, in-ad, and home mailer coupons
  2. Manufacturer coupons, including e-coupons and printables
Guidelines and limits regarding coupon usage:
  • Kroger doubles coupons in some areas. The deals listed on In Good Cents assume Kroger is doubling all coupons up to $0.50. Please check your local Kroger to see if your Kroger doubles coupons and which coupons qualify
  • Kroger will accept one manufacturer and one Kroger-issued coupon for a single item at time of purchase (unless otherwise prohibited)
  • Coupon value will be reduced if exceeds the value of the item after discounts and coupons applied (e.g. $1 coupons will be reduced to $0.99 when purchasing a $0.99 item)
  • Kroger will not accept Internet coupons for more than 75% of the product’s value without advanced notice
  • Kroger will reject internet coupons if they appear blurry, altered, duplicated, or out of proportion
  • Kroger stores may alter their local coupon policy, so store policies may vary

{ Price Guarantee }

Kroger has a Scan Right Guarantee that is often found in-store on signs.   It states that if a product rings up at a price different from the one listed in-store or in-ad, they must give you that product FREE and every additional identical purchase will be adjusted to the marked or in-ad price.

{ Customer Support }

{ Frequently Asked Questions }

Q: What is Kroger My Magazine? How do I get it?
A: Kroger My Magazine is a coupon-filled magazine sent to your home. Each magazine focuses on the theme like “fruit”, “organics”, “grilling”, etc… and all the coupons inside relate to the theme. Most are Kroger coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons, but some are manufacturer coupons. Read each coupon closely.
Kroger My Magazine is sent to V.I.P. customers. You must shop at Kroger “enough” and use your Kroger Plus card with each transaction. Unfortunately, the definition of “enough” is not exactly clear, so it’s anyone’s guess and seem so work differently for different shoppers.
Q: Does Kroger offer rain checks? How do they work?
A: Kroger issues rain checks on out-of-stock advertised sale items only, unless the advertisements states “while supplies last”, “no rain checks”, or “limited quantities”. Rain checks will not be issued for items not carried at Kroger.
Q: Are the coupons on Kroger’s site store or manufacturer coupons?
A: There are currently four sites that provide e-coupons รข€“ CellfireShortcutsP&G e-Saver, andKroger.   While, in my area, Kroger is the only store that accepts e-coupons, the coupons found on sites like Cellfire are actually manufacturer coupons and should be used as so.   In fact, there are many other stores that accept these coupons.
Kroger, wanting to drive traffic to their own website and simplify things for their customers, is nowusing a service that streams digital coupons from CellfireShortcuts, and P&G e-Saver into one spot on their site and mixed them with Kroger store coupons.   So, Kroger’s coupon page is a mixture of store and manufacturer coupons.   However, the system currently can’t decipher between digital store and digital manufacturer coupons.
Read more about the Kroger Digital Coupon Confusion.
Q. Can I stack e-coupons with paper coupons?
A: This question brings me a lot of frustration, because the answer isn’t simple.   Kroger’s official answer is:
It is up to each store’s manager, if the store will allow digital coupons to be stacked with manufacturer coupons or not.
So, basically, you’ll have to ask at your store to get the answer.   And, when you do find the answer, it’s an all or nothing situation currently.   If the store allows stacking, then they allow all digital coupons, even manufacturer coupons, to stack with manufacturer paper coupons.   And vice versa, if they do not allow stacking.
If you have questions, please let me know!!!