Thursday, September 29, 2011

The X Factor ~ what is your opinion?

Ok, with little dealz floating around, I am home from class and decided to tune into The X Factor.  Anyone watching this?  I just cannot decide if I like it, or if I don't.  Anyone have an opinion?  I see Simon as...well Simon.  Paula is the same Paula.  L.A. Reid isn't too bad so far, he seems to know his stuff.  Nicole seems to be another Paula.  Not sure...anyone else have thoughts?


Skylar Magazine said...

I really like it, I think I like it better than Idol actually. What I love about it, is there is no age discrimination, people over the age of 35 are being given the chance to live their dreams, that's pretty cool. I like the judges, I always loved Simon and I know there are a lot of haters out there, but you gotta admit Idol just wasn't the same without her or Simon. She looks fabulous too. I really like Nicole, she seems to really know what to look for, she knows what it takes to make it in that business and what you have to have. She's looking for real talent and the whole package. I think she's going to be tough one. I like tough judges, lol. I think the contestants are going to have to really work hard to impress all of the judges. Even Paula seems to be tougher on this show than she was on Idol. She seems to be more opinionated where on Idol she always seemed to go with what everyone else was doing. LA Read is pretty cool he reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson. I really enjoy this show.

Debs Dealz said...

Hi Skylar, I is different. I like it too. They do offer more to other crowds without discrimination, which is awesome. Can't wait to see what next week brings! We will have to keep in touch with our favorites! :-)