Walgreens 101

Walgreens 101
The best way to get started at Walgreens is to start small (Baby Steps).  Before you know it you will be paying very little for items or at times getting many items for free.
Walgreens has a rewards program called register rewards (RR).  To maximize your savings the key is to combine a Register Rewards producing deal or a great sale price with a manufacturer's coupon and possibly even a store coupon.  This allows you to purchase items at the lowest possible price.
RR’s are not tied to a loyalty card, so you do not need a card to be able to participate in deals that print register rewards.  RR’s typically expire after 2 weeks.
Here is an example of how it works.  Baby Step 1/Transaction 1

As you can see from the picture above Wal-Fex Allergy is on sale for $3.99.  After you purchase the item you will receive a Register Reward (RR) that will print out and can be used on your next purchase.  You do not need a coupon to purchase this item and to receive the RR.  Please note that you can use the RR to buy another box of Wal-Fex Allergy but another $3.99 RR willNOT print out.  You can use the $3.99 on another item that offers a RR (see below).

Baby Step 2/Transaction 2
So now you have $3.99 in Register Rewards burning a hole in your pocket.  You can use the $3.99 RR to buy the Air Wick Air Freshener Kit picture above.  The Air Wick kit prints out $3 in register rewards (RR) (see picture above).  You will need the $4 manufacture’s coupon that was in the Sunday coupon insert and your $3.99 in RR.  Go to the check out and hand the cashier the Air Wick Kit and your $4 manufacture’s coupon and your $3.99 in RR.  Now because you are only buying 1 item and you have 2 coupons (1 is the $3.99 register reward and the other is the $4 manufacture’s coupon) you will need to have another item to purchase.  Walgreens will NOT allow you to use 2 coupons per item unless it is one of their “in-store” coupons ~ they just want to confuse us J  Anyway, I recommend buying something inexpensive like an eraser or $.10 pencil.  Here is a breakdown of the deal.
·        Buy 1 Air Wick Air Freshener Kit on sale for $7.99 and your “filler item” eraser, candy, gum, etc
·        Use $3.99 in Register Rewards and use the $4 manufacture’s coupon
·        Total - $?? Your total will be the amount of your filler item.  The Air Wick is on sale for $7.99 and you have two coupons that total $7.99.  At the end of the transaction you will receive $3 in register rewards that can then be spent on something else.

It is ok to tell the cashier that you have a few different transactions.  I always tell them that if the line starts to build I will go to the end of the line as to not hold everyone else up.
As I mentioned earlier in the Wal – Fex Allergy deal (above) you can use RR to buy the same product but another RR will NOT print out.
Walgreens will let you “stack” coupons.  You can use a manufacture’s coupon and a Walgreens store coupon on one item.  Walgreen’s has coupon in their weekly ad and in a monthly savings pamphlet they put out each month that is full of coupons.  These pamphlets can be found in the store next to the weekly ad.
Walgreen’s ads start on Saturday morning at 12:01am.  On Saturday’s they run 2 ads; one for the current week and one for the upcoming week.
Let’s say you do a deal and the RR’s do not print out.  Do not let the cashier tell you that this is because you used coupons.  The picture below clearly shows that you can use coupons and still get the RR’s.  See in red that it mentions using the $4 manufacture’s coupon.  Call a manager if necessary.

What if they are out of my coupon item? If the store is out of an item you can get a rain check for the price on your in-store coupon. Just ask a manager. Keep the coupon with the rain check in case there is confusion when you go to redeem it later.
There is an order to give the coupons that seems to work best!
1. Register Reward
2. Manufacturer
3. Store

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