Monday, September 5, 2011

FREE Nova Max Plus Glucose Monitor at Walgreens!

Sale Price:  $10.00
RR received $10.00

I was so looking forward to having one of these...don't ask me why.  My dad is diabetic and tests daily.  I thought it would be a good thing to check from time to time at home.  So, the hubby and I goto Walgreens Sunday morning and there is ONE left!  It had my name all over it.  Well, not knowing much about these things, I remembered my dad telling me you have to buy the brand-specific strips to fir the machine you have. Ok, so we are looking and don't see them.  The hubby asks the pharmacist where the strips are, and they have them in the pharmacy, available with no Rx.  Ok much are they?  $52.99 for a box of 50!!!  OMG, no wonder they are giving away the monitor!  WOW!  Ok, needless to say, after looking forward to scoring one for free, we left it on the shelf.  :-(

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