Friday, August 19, 2011

FREE samples for the day

Why order FREE samples?  You know what is exciting about ordering FREE samples?  They add you to their product listings and they send you free stuff long after you have requested it!  I have gotten full-sized laundry detergents, full-sized bottles of cold medicine, make-up, etc long after I got my initial sample.  ALSO, they usually send awesomoe coupons with the samples!!!  That alone makes it worth it!

Free sample of Rachael Ray Just 6(r) dog food Click Here

Free sample of Biore(r) Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser Click Here

Free sample of Giorgio Armani(r) Sport Code Fragrance Click Here

Free Cottonelle(r) Brand Roll Cover Click Here

Free sample of DenTek(r) Comfort Clean Floss Pick Click Here

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