Thursday, August 25, 2011

FREE Mr Clean Magic Erasers

Home Made Simple is giving away a free mini Magic Eraser to folks who go request one on their site.  I adore the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and also trial-size items, so to have the two wrapped up in one adorable little freebie leaves me a little breathless.

In addition to the overwhelming cuteness of the sample, these things really work.  When I used to work at Starbucks, we had a graffiti artist who would go into the customer bathroom and draw all over the wallpaper with a Sharpie, but these bad boys would wipe the tags right off.  So I'm pretty sure they can stand up to whatever damage or mess your family members inflict on your house.

If you don't need to punch in your address, don't panic -- that just means you've already signed up with Home Made Simple at some point, so they've got your info already in the system.

Request your free Magic Eraser sample here.

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