Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Walmart freebies and dollar deals available 7/17 - 7/23/11

Want the skinny on this week's Walmart freebies and dollar deals?  Of course you do so here are some items you can score for a buck or less!
Like Target, Walmart stores get to set their own pricing in some items, so you might find items a few cents cheaper or more expensive at your store.  Many readers have reported good luck price-matching other stores' sale prices at San Antonio Walmart stores, so if you're the sort of shopper who wants everything in one spot, that might be a great way to lower costs even further.
And of course, the hot rumor going around the coupon world is all about the trial program of double coupon days at Walmart -- so far, I've heard from folks in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Utah, and West Virginia that say their stores will be taking part.
Be sure to check out the Walmart coupon policy before you go -- that way you have a better sense of what should be happening at the register.  And don't forget about the gas rollback offer that's available throughout the summer!
Walmart freebies available 7/17/11 - 7/23/11
  • Bengay Original Strength -- priced at $4.23 per tube.  Use this $5 off coupon, and yours is free, with 77 cents of overage towards the rest of your receipt.
  • Playtex Personal Cleaning Cloths -- trial-size is priced at 99 cents.  Use the $1 off coupon from the May 2011 issue of All You (expires 7/22) and yours is free.
  • M&M candy single packs -- priced at 50 cents each.  Use the 75 cents off 2 coupon from the 7/10 Red Plum insert, and pay 13 cents each instead.
  • Paper 2-Pocket Folder -- with or without prongs for 15 cents each.
  • 70-page one subject notebook -- priced at 20 cents each.
  • Cra-Z-Art crayons -- 24-pack priced at a quarter each.  *stockpile price*
  • Composition notebooks  -- 100 sheet-books priced at 40 cents each.
  • Kraft Mac and Cheese veggie pasta -- priced at $1.22 per box.  Use this 75 cents off coupon and score yours for 47 cents.
  • Lipton Recipe Secrets -- priced at $1.28 per pack.  Buy two and use the 60 cents off 2 coupon from the 6/26 Red Plum insert (expires 7/24.)  Your final price falls to 98 cents each.
  • Twizzlers -- on sale for $1.50 per bag.  Use the 50 cents off coupon from the 6/26 Smartsource and snag a bag for a dollar
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