Friday, July 29, 2011

Tips for obtaining rain checks


Rain Check Tips!

Rain Check: a slip of paper that you can get from a store when they are out of an item that is on sale. The slip of paper allows you to come back when they have the item back in stock to purchase it for the sale price.
Rain Check policies will vary by store, so make sure you check each store’s rules before using them. Some stores have an expiration date on the rain check and others (like CVS) don’t. Also, some stores will put a maximum quantity amount per item.
Rain Check pointers:
  • Make sure that the coupons you are using on the item you need a rain check for won’t expire before the store gets the items back in stock. No use going through the trouble–just to have expired coupons!
  • Most stores allow you to use a rain check at a different location of the same store (a Walgreens should honor a rain check written at another Walgreens 5 miles away). Rain checks are not redeemable at a different store (you cannot get a rain check from Rite Aid and then redeem it at Walmart 5 weeks later).
  • You cannot get a rain check on Clearance Prices.
  • When redeeming your rain check, be courteous of the checker and let them know you will be using one–BEFORE they start to ring you up. They are going to need to manually enter in the amount.

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