Sunday, July 24, 2011

New to Couponing? Easy help you understand, it is a science!!

Organization is the key to couponing.  Here are a few tips to take the stress out of going shopping with coupons.

Make sure your coupon binder is up-to-date.  This is important because you may come across items on clearance or an unadvertised deal and you do not want to miss a deal!!

Know what you are going to buy before you leave the house.  Review the ads and Debs Dealz for the best dealz.

Make a list of the deals you are going to purchase.  For example, if I am going to be doing more than one transaction I use a blank envelope and write transaction 1 on the outside of the envelope.  I then list the items that I will be purchasing.  I place the corresponding coupons inside the envelope.  I use an envelope for each transaction.  This will prevent you from becoming frazzled searching for coupons and reduce stress.

If at all possible, leave the kids at home.  I find that when I am shopping with my granddaughter, I always end up buying items I do not need.

Be prepared for glitches.  For example you are working on filling your cart with all of the items to complete your first transaction and the store is out of one of the items.  It is time for you to regroup.  I usually go to a part of the store that is not busy and review my options.  See if you can pull some items from transaction 2 or 3 to make it work.  This happens to me all of the time and it can be very frustrating.  If you cannot come up with a way to fill in the gap go to a different store.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but remember you are in it to save so it is better to walk away than to purchase an item that is not on sale and that you do not have a coupon for.

ps. always keep a calculator on you in the event you have to rework a transaction.

Here is another common glitch...After you have paid for your items you are expecting extra care bucks or register rewards to print and nothing prints out.  First, stay calm.  Second, make the cashier aware.  They may give you every excuse under the sun as to why it did not print out.  If it does not jive with you ask for a manager.  If you are still getting nowhere with the manager ask for them to refund your money.  Don't worry if a line is building it's your dime not theirs.  If someone says something just ignore them and raise your head high!  After all you are a coupon DIVA!  Go home and review what happened.  You may discover it was an error on your part.  If you are confident it was the stores mistake contact their corporate office.   I want to point out that if this does happen always remain professional and respectful.  You get more bees with honey!!

I hope that this helps!!

What do you do to stay organized?  I would love to know if you have any helpful tips!!

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