Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orthobean - Review and spectacular GIVEAWAY ~ enter now, awesome Christmas gifts!

Body BeanBowThe Curve

PRODUCTS BEING REVIEWED:  The Bodybean and The Bow

PRODUCT AND COMPANY OVERVIEW:  Orthobean products were created while Jimmy was recovering from many surgeries on his foot, after an accident.  Many things were placed under his foot in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain.  Nothing seemed to work.  Many did not have enough cushion, some had the cushion but it did not relieve any of the pressure.  Finally, through a process of consultation with medical professionals, physical therapists and consumers, the Orthobean family of products was formed.    

$ COST:  Orthobean has 4 orthopedic products ranging in price from $24.95 to $59.95.  They feature The Bow, the Ring, the Curve and The Bodybean.  Go here to view their products and learn a little more about their wonderful versatility!

Deb's Review of The Bodybean:  Orthobean has made me a customer for life!!  I personally reviewed The Bodybean as well as The Bow and I love them both.  Let me start with my personal favorite, The Bodybean.  This is has a "comma" shaped design that offers support to the entire body.  The Bodybean is a favorite for expectant new mothers to aid in their comfort.  Many individuals recovering from some kind of injury or surgery also find comfort in The Bodybean.  The cover is made of spandex/nylon, allowing air flow to reduce heat.  The millions of microbeads contour and assist in the support of the whole body.  It has a firmness that provides support where you need it and also relieves pressure points and pain, all at the same time!  The Bodybean retails for $59.95, and where you might think that is a little on the pricey side, I promise you, it is well worth every penny!  My sleep has improved over the past two weeks tremendously!  My husband keeps wanting to try it out for a night and I just simply cannot part with it, even for a night!!  I no longer wake up feeling tired and sore.  I know my "tossing and turning" has decreased, resulting in a better nights rest.  I never imagined any type of pillow would make such a difference!  I am so pleased with The Bodybean and I recommend it to all!  The Orthobean Bodybean is perfect for:

  • Home Comfort
  • Expectant or New Mothers
  • Dorm Rooms at School
  • Care Gifting
  • Post Procedure Comfort
  • Comfort for Long Car Trips
  • Post procedure comfort

Deb's Review of The Bow:  The Bow is such a versatile product and so easy to carry with you anywhere life may take you.  Whether you are riding in the car, at a sporting event, or just trying to curl up with a good book, The Bow would be the one!  Cuddle up with the Bow anyplace and let it mold to the shape of your body and eliminate pressure points. The Bow is perfect for:

  • Home Comfort
  • Auto Comfort
  • Travel Comfort
  • Sporting Events
  • Support Surface
  • Off-Load Limbs
  • Care Gifting
  • Dorm Rooms at School
  • Post Procedure Comfort

What is the secret to the Orthobeans?  I personally believe the secret is all in the microbeads.  Microbead pillows adapt o your desired position and provide support and stability to any part.  Microbead pillows are designed for comfort and durability.  Microbeads will not bunch up like conventional pillows.  Their ability to provide airflow, in conjunction with the spandez/nylon cover allows the pillow to stay cool, no matter how long the pillow is used.  The microbeads are also hypoallergenic.  Many people suffer with allergies, and with the Orthobean products, you do not risk that, since they are all hypoallergenic!  Also, the Orthobean pillows are more versatile than a conventional pillow.  The variety of sizes and shapes allows Orthobean to provide the comfort and support you desire.    

Orthobean Giveaway!!!!!!!
Orthobean is awarding one winner BOTH products I reviewed!  Yes, you get The Bodybean as well as The Bow!  What an amazing double giveaway!!!  This can make the perfect Christmas gift ~ or keep one and give one away!  The contest begins now and will run through 11/29/11.  The winner will be announced on 11/30/11 ~ still in time for Christmas!  The winner will be chosen via  This contest is open to U.S. residents only.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! 

Disclaimer: A sample of The Bodybean and The Bow was provided to me by Orthobean. Any opinions expressed in this review are my own, and opinions are based solely on my experience with the Orthobean product and brand.


maxfate said...

The Curve would also be great! All of these products sound fantastic-so nice that they can be used multiple ways as needed! Thank you!

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the body bean would be awesome :)!! thanks for this!! :D

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i would love the body bean :)

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I would like the bow for my chair at work

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I'd like to try the curve

KHBride said...

I'd like to try the curve